Geotunel is the comprehensive answer to underground infrastructure.

We specialise in executing works for railway and road transport infrastructures, underground railways, hydraulic works, mining, slope stabilisation and special foundations.

About us.

Geotunel’s activity is based on a distinct identity: our ability to tackle and successfully complete all phases of the construction cycle of a tunnel or ground improvement project with our own resources. Our core values are autonomy, agility and cost-effectiveness.

We accomplish these tasks while maintaining a strong commitment to quality, environmental protection and the well-being of our workforce. Geotunel stands for well-finished, safe and environmentally-respectful works.

About Geotunel in depth.

Our material and human resources

Geotunel is provided with 16 full tunnel excavation and tunnel support units and 9 units for geotechnical solutions. In charge of this cutting-edge machinery is a highly-qualified team that clearly constitutes the differentiating factor responsible for our leading position on the underground works market.

We have invested in the versatility of our workforce to achieve full autonomy in the execution and control of our works to the last detail. Each team is capable of undertaking all phases of a project and operating all the machinery.

We have first-rate in-house repair and maintenance teams that provide immediate response to any on-site technical issues and a materials and a spare-parts warehouse that ensures swift supply as required, thus avoiding undesirable delays that could cause deviations from the works schedule.

Our technology

Our development

In recent years Geotunel has entrusted its growth to its internationalisation policy after consolidating its position as a benchmark in the Spanish underground works sector. This international expansion policy defines our development and progress as a business. Apart from Spain, we are currently engaged on works in Colombia, Peru and Portugal. In line with our philosophy of success we continue to drive the creation of qualified local teams with full autonomy in each job we tackle.

Our quality, environmental protection and safety policies have guided us from the beginning and to this we now add a commitment to corporate social responsibility and ethical behaviour in all aspects of our day-to-day activity.

We have increased our investment in R&D+i and next-generation technology in recent years by investing in equipment, more productive models and new work systems that also contribute to enhancing our quality standards. Implementation of guidance systems for roadheaders, the use of photogrammetry for data collection and integration of micro-excavators and auxiliary machinery to improve tunnel conditions are good examples of our capacity for continuous improvement.

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