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Our commitment to internationalisation began in 2012 when we opened our first subsidiary in Colombia; GeotunelFilco, S.A.S. A few years later, in 2015, we set up Geotunel FilPe with head office in Lima. Finally, we have had a Portuguese branchtaking part in some major infrastructure projects in the country since 2017. The experience of these companies has enabled us to validate Geotunel’s know-how outside Spain, working to establish a stable presence in each country.


The Geotunel FilCo subsidiary was set up in partnership with the Colombian company Geotuneles Ltda., an alliance between engineering expertise and production capacity equipped to tackle any challenges posed by the growing demand for infrastructure development in the country.


Geotunel FilPe was created in order to provide comprehensive excavation and tunnel-support services to its customers based on resource autonomy and versatility in the use of the technical means at its disposal.


Geotunel Portugal benefits from the synergies generated by working in a neighbouring country. In view of the geographical proximity it enhances our ability to respond to unexpected contingencies and facilitates the creation of local teams trained within our own structure.

In addition to opening new subsidiaries around the world, Geotunel continues to pursue two overall lines of action: