The value of doing it with our own resources.

Our independence and autonomy when tackling a project really contribute added value to the quality of our tunnels. The teams are fully involved in the planning and execution phases, an approach that ensures proper harnessing of tunnelling knowledge.

Our work procedures are subject to a continuous improvement plan that approaches tunnel construction as a pseudo-industrial process. The equipment is designed to execute tunnels of any cross-section by conventional means, understood as excavation and tunnel support by mechanical means as well as by drilling and blasting.

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Agility in the service of our customers.

The activity of improving, consolidating and stabilising terrain is highly demanding in terms of work team flexibility.
The proper coordination between the excavation and terrain improvement teams largely determines the success of a project. Geotunel’s teams embrace rapid kick-off in new projects and adapt their approach to the overall planning needs as the cornerstone of their working philosophy.


Having our own materials warehouse enables us to address the most common needs. This helps us to prevent material supply problems and provides immediate response in urgent cases, thus avoiding undesired delays that could slow down project planning or exacerbate critical situations.

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Outstanding works

A job well done is the wisest investment in the future.
Each project is a source of pride and a real challenge at the same time because here at Geotunel we always believe we can do the next project even better.

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