What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your terminal (mobile device or computer) that provides the sender with information about your browsing habits on the website in question. Cookies are necessary to facilitate browsing and make the Website more user-friendly.

While the term cookie is used in this Policy as the primary method of storing information used by the Website, you should be aware that your browser’s local storage space is also used for this purpose. Accordingly, all the information set forth in this section is also applicable to your browser’s local storage.

What does the Website use cookies for?
Cookies are an essential part of how the Website works. The main purpose of our Cookies is to improve your browsing experience. For example, they are used to remember your preferences during browsing and thus make future visits more rewarding experiences.
The information collected by means of cookies also enables us to improve the Website by estimating access numbers and browsing patterns, adapting it to individual users’ interests, speeding up searches, etc.

Who uses the information stored in Cookies? 
With the exception of the third-party cookies described below that are used and managed by external organisations to provide us with the services we request to improve our own services and your experience when browsing our Website, the information stored in the cookies sent by our Website is used exclusively by us.

How can I avoid the use of Cookies on the Website?
If you prefer to prevent the Website from storing cookies on your device you must first disable storage of Cookies on your browser and then delete the stored cookies related to this Website. Remember that rejecting cookies will trigger the restrictions mentioned above.

You can prevent cookies from being stored on your browser at any time.

How can I change my cookie preferences?
You can change your preferences regarding analytical cookies by using the enable/disable cookies options. You can enable or block cookies and delete your browsing data (including cookies) from the browser you use. Visit the following sites to change your cookie preferences depending on the browser in question: